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FREELANCER: Freelancer is an employee to his own business who gets his work from different clients. Here client works as an employer who gives different projects to freelancer to meet their goal. Freelancer can work according to his ability & time.

In simple word, if people are looking to earn money online by doing the works which best suits them like article writing, data entry, web designing, application developers, programming, copy writing etc., can work as a freelancer.
Freelancer can earn good amount working with freelancing sites. For beginners it’s a bit difficult to earn huge amounts. But they must have patience & work efficiency in order to earn good amount. Here you can get jobs from 1$ to 100$ / jobs depending upon the type & length of jobs & also depends on client who he is working with.  The best thing to work with freelancing sites is you will get full control over pricing.

TOP 5 FREELANCING SITTES  (Online Jobs provider sites)  

1.        UPWORK:-  Upwork is one of the best freelancing site to start freelancing career because this site has over 1.5 million clients & has the ability to provide different types of projects. 

          This is one of the good & oldest site among freelancing job provider sites. (Previous name Odesk) Freelancers can choose their desired job & they can bid for the work with other freelancers. If your bid is good then you may get the work.

         Visit UPWORK here

2.         ELANCE:-  Elance is also one of the genuine freelancing site. This is very easy to work with, as freelancers can search for their desired jobs & they can apply for the job. Elance has genuine payment system which is good for freelancers to receive their payments. This site also provides tons of different works.

           Visit ELANCE here

3.        FREELANCER.COM:- This site also offers millions of works as this site also good reputation & has millions of clients. Here freelancers can attract more clients by competing in different contest with other freelancers. This site also offers different types of projects to their members from which they can choose their work.

4.        FIVERR:-  This site is a big marketplace to find work. First you need to set your profile & offering (gigs). The minimum you freelancers can set is 5$. (20% of the earning is deducted by fiverr as their share)  As the reviews by many freelancers, this site is the best place to find the different projects for new members who are eager to work online. Here you can earn good amount depending on the type of work you get.

        Visit FIVERR here

5.       CONSTANT-CONTENT :- This is the best place for freelancers who are good at article writing. It is like selling your article for your desired amount. This site is really good for freelancers, who are serious with their work. Because here freelancers must have work efficiency (good grammar in their article). If freelancers really want to earn good amount & serious with their work can work here. You can demand high rates for project. Write a good article then submit to constant – content & check before submitting. You need to wait until any editor accepts or rejects your article. This may take some time like three days or may be a week but you can submit another or more article in the waiting time.

  • §  Be serious in your work.
  • §  Choose the work carefully which best suits you.
  • §  Work with small projects if you are a beginner.
  • §  Maintain good profile rating to impress more clients.


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