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TOP PTC SITES - Best PTC sites with high pay & Genuine scam free

What are PTC sites?

Well, the Answer is simple. PTC described as Paid to Click. These are the sites which acts as middle man between Advertisers & Viewers. Here advertisers pays money to PTC sites to display their ads in their sites & each time viewers views the ads they will get paid with some amount. Here PTC sites gives some of the share to their viewers which they got from advertisers.

For beginners PTC sites are the best choice to earn their first income online. but you cant expect high earnings from PTC sites. Each PTC sites has different types of advertisements & time limit. some PTC sites gives higher amount and some PTC sites gives lesser amount per ad. Some PTC sites are genuine and pays to their viewers in time and some PTC sites turns Scam and never pays to their viewers. choosing the right PTC sites is the main thing. Below listed PTC sites are tested and marked as genuine by user reviews , genuine payment , scam free and so many other things are considered to make the list. 

Highest paying PTC sites - TOP 8 PTC SITES


clixsense will always be on top of the PTC sites list because it is one of the oldest & Paying since 2007.
§  Ads value – from 0.001 to 0.02
§  Ads/day- 20+
§  Refferal commision- 5%
§  Minimum payout – 8$ for standard members &
                                6$ for premium members
§  Payment processor –  Paypal, Payza.


   Well Traffic-monsoon is actually is a top traffic exchange site. But here you will get cash links. Which is same as PTC sites. Just view the ads for 15-60 seconds & amount will be credited to your traffic-monsoon account. Best thing here is 100% referral commission. If you have 10 number of referrals & each referral views ads for value of 0.10$ then you will also get 0.10$ as commission from each one then your earnings will be 1$.
§  Ads value – from 0.001 to 0.02
§  Refferal commision- 100%
§  Minimum payout – 2$ for standard members
§  Payment processor –  Paypal, Payza.


   One of the legit PTC site after clixsense & paying their members from 2008 without any issues. Neobux has instant payment method.
          §  Ads value – from 0.001 to 0.02
          §  Ads/day – 20+
§  Refferal commision- 10%
§  Minimum payout – 2$ for standard members
§  Payment processor –  Paypal, Alertpay.


    well paidverts started in 2014 & attracted more number of members with their unique concept. It is actually a revenue sharing company. If you invest 1.05$ for ad purchase then you will get 1.55$ worth of ads. It is also one of the legit site & paying without any issues.
§  Ads value – depends on BAP (Bonus Ad Point)
§  Referral commission – 5%
§  Minimum payout – 2$
§  Payment processor – Paypal, Payza.

5.    Easymoneysystem (EMS):- It is also one the genuine PTC site which is paying to their members without any issue.
§  Ads value – 0.001 to 0.01
§  Ads/day – 15+
§  Referral commission – 5%
§  Minimum Payout – 3.75$
§  Payment processor – Paypal, Payza


        Clixten is also one of the genuine paying PTC site started in 2012.
§  Ads value – 0.001 to 0.04
§  Ads/day – 20+
§  Referral commission – 5%
§  Minimum payout – 2$
§  Payment processor – Paypal, Payza.

7. is another legit Ptc site started in 2008 & still paying without issues.
§  Ads value – 0.001 to 0.01.
§  Ads/day – 30+
§  Refferal commision –  50%
§  Minimum payout – 8$
§  Payment processor – Alertpay


 cashnhits is also a good & legit PTC site which has a low payout value.
§  Ads value – 0.005to 0.05.
§  Ads/day – 50+
§  Referral commission –  15%
§  Minimum payout – 0.60$

§  Payment processor – Paypal, Payza.

       Above mentioned information is just a basic model of what a Standard members can earn in a day. If you upgrade to Premium membership you can earn more. for full information please visit the sites. 

        It is actually quite difficult to handle all the PTC sites. BUXENGER is a good tool to handle all the PTC sites.


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